A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices                                                                                                              Author: Patrick J. Kelly

Chapter 24: Dealing With Chemtrails

For many years now, aircraft have been used to spray tons of chemicals into the high atmosphere. Initially, the result looks like a harmless vapour trail in the sky, but it is not. Instead, the material sprayed is highly toxic and intentionally destructive, being a mixture of aluminium, heavy metals, radioactive particles and worst of all, nanotechnology micro robots. The sprayed material spreads out to become very widely dispersed and sinks slowly to the ground. People have no option but to breath in this noxious mixture. An air sample should have zero particles of free aluminium but air samples have now been measured with more than thirteen thousand (13,000) particles of free aluminium per litre. Those particles are nano-sized and that size passes through a person’s nasal passage membranes straight into the brain, causing the premature death of brain cells. Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases are now four times greater than they used to be, with occurrences being seen in people in their fifties instead of their eighties. The excuse (and it is only an excuse) for this spraying is that it is to oppose global warming. There is no global warming. We are moving into an ice age period which will last more than fifty years. The real purpose of this spraying is to make people stupid and ill.

An ordinary “con” (condensation) trail is caused by the rapid cooling of water vapour and carbon dioxide to form ice crystals and those trails do not normally persist for more than one minute. Chemtrails persist for a very long time and spread out to form a new type of cloud.

One of these two planes is laying a chemtrail, guess which one. Perhaps a slightly later photograph might help?

Hint: the contrail fades away quickly while the chemtrail most certainly does not – after all, it is there to poison you so there is a great deal there than just carbon dioxide and exhaust gas. This is what a sky heavily sprayed with chemtrails looks like:

Is this poisoning just in one place – perhaps a restricted test area?

Perhaps we are mistaken and these trails come from ordinary aircraft carrying passengers?

Well, actually, some ordinary commercial passenger flights have aluminium added to the fuel so that they also spray aluminium nano particles in their normal exhaust trail. A chemtrail disperses and hangs in the air for a long period of time while the heavy particles in it drop slowly towards the ground.

Please understand clearly that this is a deliberate attack on you personally. It is universal inoculation with poisons without your permission. It is also a covert operation as you have not been told about it and in passing, you are funding it if you pay tax (which you are forced to do as taxation is a protection racket which you can’t opt out of). So, welcome to our present reality!

However, the good news is that you can do something about it. First of all, the radioactive particles in the air are not just from the chemtrails but also come from the (supposed) accidents at nuclear power stations such as Fukishima, and the highly likely future “accidents” at other nuclear power plants. You can reduce the effect of radioactive particles in your body by using a couple of chemical compounds twice per day. Those are:


Tulsi tea which is also called Holy Basil and the herb Punarnava Mandur, both of which have been found to be highly helpful over many years of use.

However, we would really prefer to get rid of the chemtrail fallout before it reaches us and that can be done by using Orgone energy. Orgone is one of the many names given to the universal life force and it can be used to disperse and reputedly push the contaminants away from the earth.

It is worth watching the video at YouTube where this matter is discussed in detail. The presentation is good and the home website of the presenter Sharon Daphna

is located at www.thechembow.com where there is a detailed description of how to construct devices which can destroy chemtrails. This is one of many sites which provide instruction on the construction of such things, but it is very clear and straightforward. The objective is to construct a series of “orgonite” truncated pyramids as those can break up chemtrails by creating a vertical vortex of Orgone energy.

The things used for this construction are:
A flexible silicone mould to determine the shape and size of the finished device.
A potting compound to bind all the components, mixing cups, disposable gloves and stirring spatula.
One or more crystal - quartz, amethyst, malachite, calcite, or any such crystal.
A small helical, clockwise-wound coil of bare copper wire (which is not a ‘Tesla Coil’).
Small metal pieces such as brass, iron or copper (easily cut from multi-strand copper cable).
Crushed solenite (optional), and paper towels for general cleaning of spills, etc.

The pyramids are made in two separate sections. First, the potting compound is mixed. As the mixture gives off heat and fumes, this really needs to be done outdoors when the temperature of the day is 60F (18C) or more as the resin needs to be reasonably warm before being used. The resin is then poured into the moulds to fill them part way:

Next, small metal pieces are added - in this case, brass filings (obtained free from a locksmith):

An alternative here would be to use stranded copper wire and cut off very short lengths as each cut produces several short lengths of copper wire. In this construction, a small amount of iron filings is also added to give extra output power:

A coil is wound using any diameter of bare, solid copper wire. In this instance, the coils are wound around a pencil with the turns are spread out and only about 5 inches (125 mm) of wire is used per coil:

A different type of crystal is added to each of the pyramids and most interestingly, the crystals are laid flat instead of arranging a pointed end to be vertical:

Next, some more resin is added and the small copper coil is added in an upright position. Also, if the main crystal is not quartz, some extra small pieces of quartz are added to give extra operational power:

The construction is now left for an hour so that the resin can stiffen up without setting fully. Then some more resin is mixed and poured so that all of the components are covered. Then twenty-four hours are waited so that the resin is set fully, and then the pyramids are removed from the mould:

However, this type of pyramid is intended primarily for use around your home, while a more simple version called a “Tower Buster” is made in bulk to deal with wide areas of country. The ones shown above have cleared up the skies around Sharon’s house for a distance of about one mile in every direction, and so are very effective. The more simple version is less pretty but very effective. It is made with a cheaper resin and is made using an ordinary ‘muffin’ baking tray which is lubricated to stop the resin sticking to it:

These simple shapes of Orgone are very important. All around developed countries there are now cellphone towers. They vary a bit in their construction, but generally they look like this:

These innocent looking towers transmit both cellphone signals and other signals which are intentionally damaging to humans. It is very important to neutralise these towers and that can be done quite easily by placing an Orgonite Tower Buster anywhere within fifty metres of the tower. The Tower Buster can be buried to make it hard to find, but a Tower Buster will neutralise the harmful signals coming from the tower without preventing the cellphone signals from operating normally.

In other words, by adding a Tower Buster Orgone device to the area of the cellphone tower, you, personally, can improve the living conditions for everyone in your neighbourhood. Orgone enthusiasts also drive around the country, occasionally throwing an Orgone Tower Buster out of the car window so that it lands in bushes or trees. That is called “gifting” Orgone to the area and it clears major regions of chemtrails.

If, for some reason, it is not possible to make orgone pyramids or Tower Busters, then remember the Orgone treatments of chapter 23 where a plastic ring filled with Carbon GaNS water is used to promote the growth of vegetation by boosting Orgone flow where it is needed. Here, the ring is applied to the trunk of a tree:

But, there is no reason that I know of why a ring like that should not be used as a Tower Buster or as any other form of Orgone booster. For example, if it is necessary to sit in a chair all day, there is no reason why a GaNS water ring should not be placed around the chair so that the person sitting on the chair receives a boost of Orgone energy when sitting there.

For years, governments denied that they were spraying chemicals on the general population. Eventually, they admitted that they were undertaking “geoengineering” (which involves spraying toxic chemicals on the general population). Interestingly, the American company Monsanto was developing aluminium-tolerant plants during that time. Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that one of the major chemicals being sprayed is free aluminium - the metal associated with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease?

As the Earth is entering a period of global cooling which will form one of the many ice ages already experienced by humanity, the ridiculous excuse that aluminium is being sprayed to offset “global warming” is laughable and even more so when it is said that humans are responsible for global warming through the production of carbon dioxide. It is already known that carbon dioxide is not the main global warming gas as that is water droplets in the air. Also, global warming took place well in advance of the industrial revolution which is supposed to have caused it, not to mention the fact that humans come a very poor third in the amount of carbon dioxide produced on Earth, with volcanoes being the leader, and insects and animals coming second, leaving humans a long way behind. Nor is it mentioned that with the amounts of carbon dioxide already in the air, increases no longer have any great warming effect at all. It might be remarked on that carbon dioxide is not a poison. We breath it out and plants need it to grow.

Anyway, if aluminium contaminated soil is a problem for farming, we may have to switch to using mainly aquaphonics where soil is not used and nutrients are fed to the plants through the water. Some versions of that use fish to complement the process in what turns out to be a very effective system:

The most direct description for this is probably that fish live and breed in the water. While doing that they produce waste and microbes and worms break down that waste which then forms most of the nutrients needed by the plants. The plants absorb the nutrients and grow and in that process they clean up the water so that the fish have clean water in which to live. That is, of course, a very simplified description of what happens and there is a whole area of expertise involved in the successful running of an aquaphonics system.

The aquaphonics system would need to have a cover to keep any extraneous contaminants being dumped into the atmosphere, and Orgone devices to boost the plants and fish in the system. We may soon be driven to using such systems courtesy of the present spraying of toxins by “the powers that be”. A video on aquaphonics in very difficult temperatures can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LnG-ASYL1o&t=21s where the difficult conditions are eased by the use of GaNS material as described in chapter 23. The GaNS material is placed in a bottle which is then suspended in the water tank:

And that inclusion makes a massive amount of difference. Normally, using normal water, the hot weather causes premature shooting of the plants and it also causes weak, discoloured root systems and plants with thin leaves:

But, with the one 50 cc bottle of GaNS in the 24,000 litre water tank, produced much healthier plants with a normal white root system and a faster maturing time, not to mention the fact that the treated plants were typically three times heavier than the ones with just an ordinary water feed. Another detail is the fact that the fish were much more active and healthy with the GaNS system. After 31 days of growth, the difference in growth is very marked:

With aluminium contaminated soil, this sort of growing system may become essential.

However, Clif High, who is a very able presenter on the internet, points out that the Sun is now moving through an area of the galaxy which is quite unlike any we have passed through before. In Roman times the Sun was predominantly yellow in colour but since the year 2000 or so, the Sun colour is now much whiter with a much higher level of damaging radiation. On the sixteenth of April 2017 Clif points out that chemtrails in USA are now four or five times higher than ever before and he assumes that this increase is directly related to the new radiation coming from the Sun.

I can confirm that there is a high level of chemtrail spraying in the UK at this time. However, that is an interesting theory from Clif, but if what he says is true, then there would not be the slightest reason for the people doing the spraying to lie about it. They would merely need to say that “due to changes in the radiation reaching Earth from the Sun makes it essential to spray chemtrails in order to offset the additional harmful radiation”, but instead of saying that, they lie through their teeth and swear that they are not spraying chemtrails in spite of the fact that we can all see the chemtrails.

So, I leave it up to you to make up your own mind on whether or not the chemtrails are actually harmful and whether or not you should do something about them.

Patrick Kelly
engpjk (at) gmail (dot) com