UK Free-Energy Conference 2008

The second UK Free-Energy Conference was held in Presteigne in Wales. The Conference was very successful and held during the last weekend in August, with Saturday 30th being the main day and Sunday 31st being mainly for follow-up contacts and discussions.

There were presentations on a wide range of topics, and I should like to thank the many speakers who made the presentations.   There was extensive question and answer sessions which proved very popular and a John Bedini battery-pulsing SSG device was physically constructed and it's operation demonstrated, by members of the audience.   Dave Lawton also explained pulsed and plasma electrolysis and he demonstrated gas production from his Stan Meyer reproduction Cell.

The topics covered included:

The Charles Flynn permanent magnet motor.
The Adams permanent magnet motor.
The design and operating principles of battery-pulsing systems.
Methods for raising the performance of any DC electrolyser or booster.
The recently discovered physical construction method used by Stan Meyer for his WFC.
Resonant nodes in tube electrodes and the point of contact needed to aid vibration.
The things dissolved in water and their effects.
The structure and chemical significance of different hydrocarbons in petrol and diesel fuels.
Methods of constructing and tuning a high-efficiency Davey heater with frequency control alternatives.
The construction of Joseph Newman's motor and solid-state switching techniques.
The Tesla Switch and the switching options when constructing one.
The effects of permanent magnets on mpg over 100,000 miles.
Using the thermocline in lakes for the generation of energy.
Radiant Energy capture methods.

People attending the conference also received a CD-ROM containing:

Seven eBooks with a total of more than 4,000 pages of information.
One confidential paper.
Six videos.
A proposed magnet motor design.

A good deal of the material on the CD-ROM is not available on the web.   This CD-ROM is not available to people who did not attend the conference.