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Magazine Contents (22 Issues)

Issue 1:
  1. An Experimental investigation of the Physical Effects In a Dynamic Magnetic System:   V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin
  2. Torsion Technologies are 21st Century Technologies:   Acad. Anatoly E. Akimov
  3. On New Energy and Political Authority:   Alexander V. Frolov
  4. Calculation on the Effect of Many-cavity Structures:   Prof. Valery F. Zolotariov
  5. Quasi-Superconductive Technology for Electric Power Transmission:   Prof. Dmitry S. Strebkov
  6. Water is the Basis of the Future Energetics:   Prof. Phillip M. Kanarev
  7. Over-unity Patent of 1877:   Pavel Yablotchkov
  8. The Fundamentals of the New Principles of Motion:   P. Sherbak
  9. Design of an Engine for Free Space Based on the Pondemotor Effect:   Acad. Gennady F. Ignatyev.
10 The Experimental Gravitonics:   Spartak M. Poliakov and Oleg S. Poliakov
11 The Physical System of Artificial Biofield:   Dr. Alexander M. Mishin
12 Experiments on Change of the Direction and the Rate of Time:   Dr. Vadim A. Chernobrov
13 On Some Properties of Physical Time and Space:   Prof. Dr. Albert I.Veinik
14 The Causal Mechanics. Review of research work:   Prof. Nickolay A. Kozyrev
15 Spin (axion) Field Generator:   Alexander Shpilman
16 On the Eve of the Sixth Revolution in Physics:   Dr. Atsukovsky
17 The Influence of Time on Matter:   N.A. Kozyrev / Alexandra L. Belyaeva

Issue 2:
  1. Kozyrev-Dirac Magnet Monopole Emanation:   Dr. Ivan M. Shakhparonov.
  2. Hydro-Magnetic Dynamo:   Acad. Oleg Gritskevitch
  3. Testing of a Small Prototype to Investigate Searl's Effect:   S. M. Godin and V.V. Roshin
  4. Theoretic Basis of the Searl's Effect:   Dr. Rykov
  5. Hydrogen-helium Energy with Laminated Silicates and Tectosilicates:   Dr. Oleg M. Kalinin, Dr. Harmut Mueller, Surina K.S.
  6. New Conception of the Physical World:   Dr. Nikolaev.
  7. The Main Principle of Etherodynamics:   Dr. Mishin
  8. New Experimental Data on Aether and Antigravitaton Effects:   Dr. Mishin
  9. The Capacitance Conversion of Environmental Heat to Electricity:   N.E.Zaev.
10 The Creation of Longitudinal Waves in a Vacuum:   Dr. Kirill P. Butusov.
11 The Work:   Alexander V. Frolov
12 Reactionless Propulsion and Active Force:   Alexander V. Frolov
13 Rythmodynamics of Amplitude-less Fields:   Dr. Y. N. Ivanov
14 The DNA Molecule and Four-dimensional Holography:   Alexander V. Frolov
15 Gravitation and the Aether:   I.Hayrullin.

Issue 3:
  1. Time is a Mystery of the Universe:   Dr. Lavrenty S. Shikhobalov, St.Petersburg, Russia
  2. Experiments with a man in the Time Machine:   Dr. Vadim Chernobrov, Moscow, Russia
  3. Time is a physical substance:   Dr. Kirill P. Butusov, St.Petersburg, Russia
  4. Experimenting with time:   Prof. Velimir Abramovich, "Time Institute", Rotterdam, Holland
  5. Practical application of time rate control (TRC) theory:   Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  6. Irving Langmuir and atomic hydrogen:   Dr. Nicholas Moller, Greece
  7. Hydrogen energy:   Studennikov V.V., Kudymov G.I, Russia
  8. Strange Effects related to Rotating Magnetic Systems:   M. Pitkanen, Finland
  9. The transdimensional-lifters experiment:   Jean-Louis Naudin, France
10 On the great constant 137.036:   Dr. Anatoly Rykov, Russia
11 Inertial propulsion drives:   Boris D. Shukalov, Russia
12 The Technical design of the anti-gravitational spacecraft "Silver Cup":   Eugeny Kovalyov, Latvia
13 Gravito-inert Mass:   J.A. Asanbaeva, Republic Bashkiria
14 Propulsion from the Relativity Effect of Inertial Force:   Takuya Ishizaka, Japan
15 The Influence of the Axion Field on the hardness of pearlitic cast iron:   Alexander Shpilman, Kazakhstan.
16 The Significance of Conical shape in Clem's Generator:   Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
17 A Review of the history of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Russia in the 1960s:   Alexander V. Frolov, Russia

Issue 4:
  1. The possibilities of Vortex Energetics:   Acad. Gritskevitch O.V. and Lisniak S.A., Vladivostok, Russia.
  2. "Time Control" and other aspects of Tesla's research work:   Prof. Velimir Abramovich, Rotterdam.
  3. Future Energy Technologies:   Dr. Thomas Valone, Washington, USA.
  4. The Question of Work performed by the Electrostatic Field:   Alexander V. Frolov
  5. New methods to produce Propulsion Force:   Dr. Eugene Sorocodum, Moscow, Russia.
  6. The Antigravitational Wing:   Ponomarev D.V. and Shibeko R.V., Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia.
  7. Radio-telescope signals from the Center of the Universe:   Dr. Shpitalnaya and Dr.Mishin, St.Petersburg, Russia.
  8. There are no secrets in Inertia-less Motion and Anti-gravitation:   Dr. Anatoly Rykov, Moscow, Russia.
  9. Conversion of Heat to Electrical Energy - Free-energy from Magnetic Materials:   Nikolay E. Zaev, Moscow, Russia.
10 Tetra-space Co-ordinates:   Josef Hasslberger, Rome, Italy.
11 The Question of Multipolarity:   Alexander V. Frolov, St.Petersburg, Russia.
12 Ball Lightning - description and experimental proposals:   Ivan Tshinarev, Tver, Russia
13 The problem of the Electron and the Physical Properties of Time:   Prof. Oleinik, Ukraine
14 Parametrical Generation of Alternating Currents:   N.D.Papaleksi, Alexander V.Frolov.
15 Gerlovin's theory of Activation, and experiments on the "Structure Activation" of Matter:   Alexander V. Frolov, Russia

Issue 5:
  1. Over-unity electromagnetic MEG transformer - T.E.Bearden and my F-machine?: Alexander V. Frolov
  2. Fuel less energetics:   N.E.Zaev.
  3. Symmetrization of Maxwell-Lorentz equations:   Dr. Kirill P. Butusov
  4. Vortex Heat-generators:   Dr. Eugene Sorokodum.
  5. Experimental investigations based on "Solitons":   Mikhail V. Smelov
  6. N.Kozyrev's ideas today:   Dr. Shikhobalov.
  7. Time-active Decrease of Mass and Weight:   Kozyrev
  8. Longitudinal Thermo-magnetic Effect:   Dr. Alexander M. Mishin.
  9. An Introduction to Gravity:   Lew Price and Mart Gibson.
10 The Physical Model of experiments made by E. Podkletnov, V. Roshin and S.Godin:   Anatoly Rykov
11 Scalar Wars:   T.E.Bearden
12 The problem of the Electron and Superluminal Signals
13 Gravitational Electrolysis

Issue 6:
  1. Large-Scale Shakharov Condition:   David Noever and Christopher Bremner
  2. Matter as a Resonance Longitudinal Wave Process:   Alexander V. Frolov
  3. Physical Principles of The Time Machine:   Alexander V. Frolov
  4. Time Machine Project:   Alexander V. Frolov
  5. Kozyrev-Dirak Radiation:   Ivan M. Shakhparonov
  6. The Electrical Vortex Non-Solenoidal Fields:   S. Alemanov
  7. The Physical Mechanism of Nuclear Reactions at Low Energies:   V.Oleinik, Yu. Arepjev
  8. The Evolution of Lifter Technology:   T. Ventura
  9. Reality and Consciousness in Education and Activity:   A.Smirnov
10 Old "New Energy":   Y. Andreev, A. Smirnov
11 The Influence of Time on Matter:   A. Belyaeva
12 Life without Diseases and Ageing-preventive Electrical Bio-heater features:   A. Belyaeva
13 Belyaeva's High-efficiency Ceramic Heater:   Sh. Mavlyandekov
14 Fundamental properties of the Aether:   A. Mishin
15 Effect of Magnetic Blow Wave Field on Wine Systems:   I. Shakhparanov and others
16 Nikola Tesla and Instantaneous Electric Communication:   V. Korobeynikov
17 The Unified Gravity theory:   I. Kuldoshin
18 New Sources of Energy - Unitary Quantum Theory:   L.G. Sapogin, Yu.A. Ryabov, V.V. Graboshnikov
19 Anti-gravitation Force and the Anti-gravity of Matter - Methods of Creation:   A. K. Gaponov
20 The Capacitor, which has the Energy of an Atomic Bomb:   Review of A. Gaponov's research

Issue 7:
  1 Gravitonics is the Electronics of the 21st Century:   Spartak M. Poliakov, Oleg S. Poliakov
  2 Experimental Research on Gravitational Propulsion Systems:   Review
  3 Beamship Technology: A Re-working of Early 20th century Discoveries:   Russell Anderson
  4 Commercial Antigravity:   Tim Ventura
  5 Action without Reaction the New Gravidynamic Paradox:   Yuri N. Ivanov
  6 New Possibilities of Vortex Electric Power Devices:   Stanislav A. Lisnyak
  7 Electric Energy Transmission Processes in non-Metallic Conducting Channels:   D. Strebkov, A. Nekrasov, S. Avraamenko
  8 Microcosm - Universe - Life:   Alexey G. Shlienov, Ernest L. Petrov
  9 Hypothesis of a Theory of Everything:   Jack P. Gibson
10 The Charge and Mass of a Photon:   Dzabrail Kh. Baziev
11 The Homopolar Motor: A True Relativistic Engine:   Jorge Guala-Valverde, Pedro Mazzoni, Ricardo Achilles
12 Weight Reductions Generated by Bucking-Field Permanent Magnets:   William C. Simpson
13 Advanced Nuclear Waste Decontamination Technologies:   Mark Porringa
14 The Radioactive Isotope Half-Value Period Changing in the Local Volume of Cause-Effect Relations:   Igor A. Melnik
15 The Tilley Electric Vehicle
16 Force as the Cause of Change in the Course of Time:   Valentin P. Oleinik
17 Time and its Physical Relationships:   Andrew Michrowski
18 Time as Phenomenon of the Expanding Universe:   Michael H. Shulman
19 The Experiments on Thermo-Gravitation:   Review
20 Letters to the Editor from Hector D. Perez Torrez

Issue 8:
  1. Asymmetrical Capacitors:   Frolov
  2. Electrokinetic Apparatus:   T.T.Brown
  3. US Patent 3,187,206 "Electrokinetic Apparatus":   T.T.Brown
  4. Nikola Tesla's Later Energy Generation Designs:   Oliver Nichelson
  5. Highly Efficiency Electrolysis:   Alexander V. Frolov
  6. Single-Wire Electric Power System:   Prof. D. Strebkov, Eng. S. Avramenko, Dr.A. Nekrasov, Eng. O. Roschin
  7. Shauberger's Engine:   Eugene Arsentyev
  8. The De Aquino ELF Gravitational Shield:   Tim Ventura
  9. Ferrites and Ferromagnetics; Free-Energy Generation:   Nikolay E. Zaev
10 Key Concepts for the Conversion and Control of Gravitational Energy:   Glenn M. Roberts
11 The Additional Energy Formation Processes in Vortices and Vortex Heat Generators:   Dr. Alexey M. Savchenko
12 Kuldoshin's Transformer:   Review
13 Disappearance of Inertia Force, Mechanical Resonances and Free-Energy Work:   Arkady P. Kuligin
14 The Phi-Machine:   Vyacheslav I. Boryak
15 The "LUTEC" Magnet Motor-Generator
16 How to Build Solid-State Electrical Over-Unity Devices:   William Alek
17 The Vortex DC Motor :   Rick Harrison
18 Valerian Sobolev's Discovery:   US Patent 5,964,913
19 Review of the Tilley Electric Car Recharger Promotion:   Eugene F. Mallove

Issue 9:
  1. Experimental News:   A.V. Frolov
  2. Controlling the Course of Time:   V.P. Oleinik, Yu.C. Borimsky, Yu.D. Arepjev
  3. Spontaneous Polarization of some Glasses and Inexhaustible Energy Source of Direct Current:   L.G. Sapogin, Yu.A. Ryabov
  4. New Fuelless Space Power Engineering:   V.D. Dudyshev
  5. Electrodynamic Explanation of Ball Lightning:   S.B. Alemanov
  6. Nature of Torsion Fields:   V.V. Uvarov
  7. Matter, Space and Time in Conception of the Aether Field:   A.M. Mishin
  8. Patent Experts Now are Between a Rock and a Hard Place:   V. Sharov
  9. Reidar Finsrud's Perpetual Mobile in Norway:   John Pasley
10 Physical Quantum Vacuum is a Source of Electromagnetic Energy:   P.M. Shalyapin
11 What is Instantaneous Electrical Communication:   V.I. Korobeynikov
12 Investigation of Single-Wire Electric Power System:   D.S. Strebkov, S.V. Avramenko, A.I. Nekrasov, O. A. Roschin
13 Fuelless Monothermic Engine:   Invention by Y. Volodko
14 Viktor S. Grebennikov's Discoveries:   Review
15 Experimental Study of Properties of Time:   Review
16 The Bedini Generator:   David Mason
17 Article Update on "An Introduction to Gravity":   Lew P. Price
18 The CIP Engine Principle:   Robert L. Cook
19 The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman:   Michael Williamson 20 What is RQM Technology?:   Review
21 Experimental Data on Time Control:   Acad. A.I. Veinik
22 The Space Power Generator by P. Tewari:   Review

Issue 10:
  1. Testatika:   Review of the well-known electrostatic system.
  2. Cold Fusion by Plasma Electrolysis of Water:   Prof..M. Kanarev, T. Mizuno
  3. Cold Fusion: What is it and what does it mean to science and society?:   E. Storms
  4. Technical Introduction to LENR-CANR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions):   E. Storms
  5. It started in 1989… (History of Cold Fusion Development):   P. Hagelstein
  6. A Science Tutorial (Cold fusion):   T. Chubb
  7. LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) Experiments.
  8. Electrogravitation:   A.V. Lemeshko
  9. Avalanchedrive Propulsion Device:   M.L. Filho
10 Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles:   P. Behr, G. Schneider
11 Unusual Permanent Magnet Motors:   T. Valone
12 Hydrogen Energetics:   A. Pashova
13 Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves:   A.V. Frolov
14 Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies:   T.C. Loder
15 Commercialising the "Searl Effect".
16 Interesting Publications of the Last Year.
17 The "Lifter" Project
18 New Electric Fire Technology:   V.D. Dudyshev
19 New Effect of "Cold" Evaporation:   V.D. Dudyshev
20 Conceptual Hurdles to New Millennium Physics:   D. Reed
21 Resonant Phenomena Occurring in Alternating Current Circuits:   A.V. Frolov

Issue 11:
  1. The Minato Wheel:   E. Vogels (Sweden)
  2. A Mechanism for Drive-Free Motion:   S.A. Gerasimov (Russia)
  3. Production of Ball Lightning in a Laboratory Environment:   A. Pashova (Russia)
  4. Electric Discharge Produced in Air Half-Space:   G.D. Shabanov, O.M. Zherebtsov (Russia)
  5. Free Energy:   A.V. Frolov (Russia)
  6. Some General Properties of Matter and Energy Sources:   E.D. Sorokodum (Russia)
  7. The Commercial Exploration of Space:   O. Leontyeva (Russia).
  8. The Prospects of Hydrogen Energetics:   Ph.M. Kanarev (Russia)
  9. A Heater which Produces Healthy Effects:   A.L. Belyaeva and others (Kirghizia)
10 An Inertial Propulsion Device:   V.E. Senkevich (Russia)
11 Unlimited Accelerated Nonreactive Motion:   Review.
12 Revolutionary Current:   S.K. Baliyan (India)
13 The Tilley Electric Vehicle:   Review.
14 Trends in the Application of Motor-Generators:   A. Akau (USA)
15 Electric Vehicles in Russia:   A. Pashova (Russia)
16 The Richard Clem Motor and the Conical Pump:   R. Koontz (USA)
17 Spontaneous-Flow Heat Pump:   J.-L. Brochet (France)
18 The Registration of Gravitational Waves:   V.N. Petrov (Russia)
19 High-Energy Hyper-Low-Frequency Electric Field:   Yu.V. Ivanko (Ukraine)
20 Work Done by the Electrostatic Field:   A.V. Frolov (Russia)

Issue 12:
  1. Designing Time Machines:   Vadim A. Chernobrov (Russia)
  2. The Control of the Temporal Parameters of Physical Processes:   Alexander V. Frolov (Russia)
  3. Etherodynamics as a New Field of Physics:   Vladimir A. Atsukovsky (Russia)
  4. Electromagnetic Gravitational Interaction:   Vadim Ya. Kosyev (Russia)
  5. How Matter Exists in Nature:   Anatoly V. Rykov (Russia)
  6. The Adams Motor:   Sergey S. Abramov (Russia)
  7. Field Transformations in the Model of Extended Space:   Dmitry Yu. Tsipenyuk (Russia)
  8. Joe Flynn's Parallel Path Magnetic Technology:   Tim Harwood (USA)
  9. Flynn Laboratory Photos
10 The Flux-machine and Its Analogies:   Review
11 Russian Patents on Alternative Energetics.
12 Gravitational Spaceships:   Gregory R. Uspensky (Russia)
13 The Velocity Of Drive-Free Motion:   S.A. Gerasimov , V.V. Stashenko (Russia)
14 Electromagnetic Self-Action:   S.A. Gerasimov, A.V. Volos (Russia)
15 The Uranium Photo-accumulator:   Anton I. Yegorov (Russia)
16 Report on the Global Energy Prize.
17 Teleportation:   Alla V. Pashova (Russia)
18 "Mass Defect" in Home Conditions:   Prokofy V. Sherbak (Russia)
19 The Aether as a Unified Field:   Alexander M. Mishin (Russia)
20 Global Energy:   Philip M. Kanarev (Russia)
21 Fusion Processes Of Molecules Of Oxygen, Hydrogen And Water:   Philip M. Kanarev (Russia)
22 Plasma Energy Power Generation:   Bruce A. Perreault (USA)
23 The Marcus Device Controversy:   Tim Ventura (USA)
24 Systems for the Conversion of Thermal Energy to Mechanical Energy:   Review

Issue 13:
  1. Single-Wire And Wireless Electric Power Transmission:   N.V. Kosinov and others (Ukraine)
  2. Almost complete Transformation of Thermal Energy into Mechanical Energy:   S.N. Doonaevsky (Russia)
  3. The Vector-Propulsion Engine (Electromagnetic Version):   A. S. Tukanov (Russia)
  4. The Inertial Dynamic Generator:   S.N. Schmidt (Russia)
  5. The Latent Potential Energy of an Electrical Field:   V.D. Dudyshev (Russia)
  7. Energy from Air:   M.P. Beshok (Russia)
  8. A Parade of Gravitational Aircraft:   V.A. Chernobrov (Russia)
  9. A Perpetual-motion Motor with Magnetic Control Elements.
10 Who Needs Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion?:   I.B. Kalugin (Russia)
11 Fuel cells:   Edwin Cartlidge (USA)
12 Free-Energy:   Thomas F. Valone (USA)
13 The Secrets of Nicola Tesla's Experiments:   S.S. Makukhin (Russia)
14 The High-Efficiency Technology of Magnetic Cooling:   E.N. Tishina (Russia)
15 The Interference Disc Electric Generator:   Alan L. Francoeur (Canada)
16 Howard Johnson's Magnet Motor.
17 Bogomolov's Centrifugal Generator:   V.I. Bogomolov (Russia)
18 The Magnetic Motor:   A.V. Vydrin (Russia)
19 The "Omega" Anomalous Hydrogen Reactor
20 Gravitational Shielding:   Harald Chmela (Austria)
21 The Concept of Magnetic Gas

Issue 14:
  1. Novozhilov's motor:   Y. Novozhilov, Russia
  2. Self-action in the case of Magnetic Rotation:   S. Gerasimov and others, Russia
  3. The Capillary motor:   I. Elshansky, Russia
  4. A Gravity-heat Energy System:   V. Sukhanov, Russia   5. A Review of the Modern Perpetual Mobile
  6. Free-energy and Anti-gravity, (spin-wave lasers):   Ines Espinosa, USA
  7. Mechanical Analogies:   Y. Ivanko, Ukraina
  8. Fine-plasma Cell Electrolysis:   Ph. Kanarev, Russia
  9. A Review of the Don Smith Generator
10 The Strategy for Marketing Over-unity Devices:   R. Wood, USA
11 The Hutchison Effect:   Mark Solis, USA
12 Heat Energy Conversion by means of Non-linear Dielectrics:   A Ries and others, Brasil
13 The Gates motor:   A. Akau, USA
14 "Cold electricity":   A.Akau, USA
15 A Gravity-conversion Rotary Device
16 The Torsion Technologies of China
17 Anti-gravity:   B.Smith, USA
18 Electric Levitation:   MacLeod, Canada
19 The Perpetual Mobile:   V. Likhatchev, Russia
20 The Interference Generator:   A.Francouer, Canada
21 A New Paradigma of Time:   D. Reed, USA
22 A Rotating Permanent-magnet System:   A.Frolov, Russia
23 Getting Patents on an Inertial Drive
24 Bogomolov's experiment with spring drives in Russia
25 The History of the Perpetual Mobile
26 The Tesla Energy Science Conference, USA
27 A Review of the Perendev company
28 Some Internet Pages on Free-energy
29 Matveev's Electrical Generator from Russia
30 A Perpetuum motor with magnets from France
31 The most interesting things of 2003
32 Hydrogen-power Engineering
33 Hydrogen Fuel Cells
34 Electric discharge as part of an Over-unity Device.

Issue 15:
  1. Torsion Technologies are the Technologies opf the 21st Century:   A.E. Akimov of Russia
  2. A Review of the Anti-gravity Platform
  3. Potapov's Vortex-heat Generator:   Y.S. Potapov
  4. Fuel-less Air Combustion:   Alexander Frolov
  5. A Free-Energy Generator:   Zoltan Losonc
  6. The Society for the Development of Free-Energy Technologies in Germany
  7. The "Confined B-field" Homopolar Dynamotor:   J. Guala-Valverde and Pedro Mazzoni of Argentina
  8. A Hydroelectric Heat Generator:   F.M. Kanarev of Russia
  9. The Conversion of Environmental Energy:   B.M. Kondrashov of Russia
10 The World of Free-Energy:   Peter Lindemann of the USA
11 The "Lutec" Free-Energy Generator from Australia
12 Pulsed DC for Lighting Circuits:   Gary Magratten of the USA
13 Patent Applications on Thermo-Gravitation in Russia
14 An Electro-gravitational Engine
15 The "Breeze 5000" Wind-Energy Installation:   T.A. Pungas of Russia
16 Silicon-based Power Engineering
17 A Method of Extraction (Restitution) of Energy:   V.F. Markelov of Russia
18 Asymmetric Capacitors:   Alexander V. Frolov
19 Force on an Asymmetric Capacitor:   Chris Fazi
20 The Working Principle of Frolov's T-Capacitor:   Zoltan Losonc of Hungary
21 A Precession Free-Energy Generator:   V.I. Bogomolov of Russia
22 On the Way to a New Astronautics:   A.V. Perfiliev of Russia
23 A Review of Energy Convertors
24 What Ever Happened to "Black Light Power"?:   Patrick Bailey of the USA

Issue 16:
  1. The Techno-Maestro's Amazing Machine:   Kohey Minato of Japan
  2. A Thermo-magnetic Engine:   Yu. Novozilov of Russia
  3. A System of Effective Energy Conversion:   Yu. Novozilov of Russia
  4. The USA will give Cold Fusion A Second Look:   Kenneth Chang of the USA
  5. Life After the Oil Crash:   M. Savinar of the USA
  6. Movement from Nothing:   P. Ball of the USA
  7. A Review of Vortex Heat Generators:   N. Ovtcharenko of Russia
  8. A Thermogenerator and a Water-heating Device:   R. Mustafaev
  9. An Energy Generator:   G.N. Ryabusov of Russia
10 Ethanol for the Hydrogen Economy:   S. Clifford of the USA
11 Going to the Stars:   W. Scott of the USA
12 The Many Faces of the Electron:   A. Akau of the USA
13 Vortex Heat Generators:   Yu.S. Potapov and A. Frolov of Russia
14 The Vortex Heat Generators of the Rufiko Company, Moscow
15 Anti-Entropy Processes:   Oparin
16 The Technologies of Tesla and Schauberger:   F. Germano of the USA
17 The Nature of the Electron:   L. Price of the USA
18 The Gravity Conversion Device
19 A Device for Converting Potential Energy:   A.I. Doronkin of Russia
20 A Manual for Designing Aether-Based Engines:   G. Ivanov of Russia
21 How to Calculate Efficiency:   V. Korobeinikov of Russia
22 Wallace Minto's Wheel
23 The Original Ideas of William R. Lyne of the USA
24 The Magnetic Field Rotator:   A. Sidorovitch
25 The Newman Motor
26 The Water-jet Turbine:   Edward Neurohr of Germany
27 The Homopolar Transfer of Mass Charge:   V. Dudishev of Russia
28 The Electron-Positron
29 Is a Revolution in the Fundamental Sciences Possible?:   V. Andrus
30 In Memory of Eugene Mallove
31 Esoterica as a Catalyst for a New Era in Physics:   D. Reed of the USA

Issue 17:
  1. The Commercialisation of Alternative Energetics:   Alexander V. Frolov of Russia
  2. Potapov's Molecular Engine and Water Vortex Heat Generator
  3. New Products: Autonomous Electrostation with Molecular Engine
  4. The Magneto-hydrodynamic Motor:   S. Gerasimov of Russia
  5. The Inertial Drive:   E. Linevitch and A. Ezov of Russia
  6. Plane Earth as an Electromotor-Generator:   V. Dudishev of Russia
  7. A High-efficiency Method of Obtaining Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water:   V. Ermakov of Russia
  8. The Inertial Generator:   V. Gilchuk of Russia
  9. Chemo-electrical Gravito-electrolysis the Studennikov Way:   A. Makarov of Russia
10 The Sun Water-pump:   Yu. Novozilov of Russia
11 A Semiconductor Electromagnetic Energy Transformer:   A. Zerniy of the Ukraine
12 Professor Alfred Evert's Research in Germany
13 The Prospects for a Breakthrough in Propulsion from Physics:   M. Millis of the USA
14 The Direct Transformation of Magnetic Field Energy:   V. Dudishev of Russia
15 US Patent 4,897,592 "Electrostatic Generator"
16 The Vortex Drive:   Alexander Frolov of Russia
17 The Magratten Magnet Pulsed DC Motor-Generator
18 Over-unity Propulsion of Zero-potential Casing, Assymmetric Capacitor System:   A.A. Nassikas
19 The Nature of Electrical Force Interactions:   Alenander V. Frolov of Russia
20 Anti-gravity Secrets:   Tim Ventura of the USA

Issue 18:
  1. Renewable Energy:   Yu. S. Potapov of Russia
  2. The Kondrashov Fuel-less Motor
  3. Further Information on the Tilley Car
  4. The Bessler Machine
  5. Water Instead of Oil:   N,V. Kosinov of Russia
  6. The Nature of Time:   L. Price of the USA
  7. A Magnet Motor:   A.E. Rumin
  8. The Transformation of Magnet Energy:   V.D. Dudishev of Russia
  9. The Celvin Drop Machine:   Yu.N. Novizilov
10 Vortex Technologies:   A. Akay
11 Time Control by means of Scalar Waves:   G. Roberts
12 An Electromagnetic Engine:   Ignatyev
13 An Electromagnetic Drive:   R. Cornwall
14 A Magnet Motor:   A.A. Kalinin
15 The Perendev Magnet Motor
16 Global Energy Sources:   M. Kanarev
17 High-Efficiency Electrolysis:   Stanley Meyer
18 The "TS2000" Magnet Motor
19 A Water Vortex Heat Generator Offered for Sale
20 An Autonomous Power Plant Offered for Sale
21 Ball Lightning:   N.G. Shabanova and G.D. Shabanov
22 Anti-gravity Research Information
23 A Time-control experimental Device
24 A Perpetuum Mobile 18m in Diameter
25 RQM Technology
26 News from Faraday Lab Ltd.

Issue 19:
  1. Vortex Heaters:   Yu. S. Potapov of Russia
  2. Methods of Hydroelectric Blow and Cavitation Conversion:   V.D. Dudyshev of Russia
  3. Energy Saving:   D. Dudyshev of Russia
  4. Methods of Getting Electric Energy from Natural Atmospheric Electricity:   V. D. Dudyshev of Russia
  5. New Methods of Extraction and Use of the Self-energy of Matter:   V. D. Dudyshev of Russia
  6. Revolutionary Discoveries, Inventions and Techologies Designed by Professor Dudyshev
  7. News from the Integrity Research Institute:   Thomas Valone of the USA
  8. Four-dimensional Resonance:   A.V. Frolov of Russia
  9. Multi-Rotor Homopolar Device:   S. Godin and V. Roschin of Russia
10 Akoil Company Products, Russia
11 Environ Energy Company
12 MIT Half-ton Levitating Ring - New Energy Experiment
13 An Update on the Perendev Magnet Motor
14 Thermolevitation:   S.A. Gerasimov of Russia
15 The Influence of Remote Rotating Objects on a Semiconductor Gamma-ray Detector:   I.A. Melnik of Russia
16 The Bowman Permanent-magnet Motor:   Eric Vogels of Denmark
17 A Possible Electric propulsion System for Flying Triangles:   R.A. Alexander and A.Whaley of the UK
18 Bioelectromagnetics Program
19 Energy Inventions Advocated by the Integrety Research Institute
20 An Aether-based Engine as the Best Way of Space Sailing:   G.P. Ivanov of Russia
21 The Evolution of Lifter Technology:   T. Ventura of the USA

Issue 20:
  1. A Brief Review of Energy Machine Engines:   U. S. Potapov of Russia
  2. Alternative Science in Russia:   T. Ventura of the USA
  3. Oil: How Much is Left?:   W. Zebuhr of the USA
  4. A Review of Companies Producing Vortex Heat Generators:   E. Artemieva of Russia
  5. The Phenomenon of Electric Current Rotation:   G. Kasyanov of Russia
  6. The "Perpetual Motion Machine" or "More About the Magnetron":   V. I. Korobeynikov of Russia
  7. The Influence of Remote Rotation on Radioactive Decay:   I. A. Melnik of Russia
  8. Aether Mechanics:   V. Toporov of Russia
  9. The Basics of Potential Dynamics:   E. I. Linevitch of Russia
10 The Hypothesis for a Heat Transformer:   V. Filippov of Russia
11 A Perpetual Motion Machine of "The Second Class":   S.N. Dunayevskiy of Russia
12 Resonance Methods of Electric Energy Transmission:   D.S. Strebkov of Russia
13 A Review of Hydrogen Energy:   S. Shlenchak of Russia
14 The Unitary Quantum Theory and a New Source of Energy:   L. Sapogin of Russia
15 An Aether-Energy Generator:   A. Evert of Germany
16 Cold Fusion:   Steven Krivit of the USA

Issue 21:
  1. Excessive Energy in Molecular Reactions:   A. Sterling and A. Akau of the USA
  2. More on the Perendev Permanent Magnet Motor:   A. Sterling of the USA
  3. The Gravity Engine:   A.N. Sakharov of Russia
  4. Paradoxes of Gas Structures:   S. Geller of Russia
  5. Vortex Liquid Heaters:   S. Geller of Russia
  6. The Discoveries of John Keely:   E. Artemyeva of Russia
  7. A Water-lifting Device:   V.V. Marukhin of Russia
  8. An Anti-gravity Platform:   V.S. Grebennikov of Russia
  9. A Gravity-driven Generator:   Russell Lee
10 Membraneless Fuel Cells:   S. Shlenchak of Russia
11 The Yarkovsky Hypothesis:   A.V. Sizov of Russia
12 The Flying Platform:   S.A. Gerasimov of Russia
13 Cyclone Magnet Engines

Issue 22:
  1. The Role of Alternative Energy in the Development of Russia:   A. V. Frolov of Russia
  2. The Invention of the Atomic Hydrogen Furnace:   W. R. Lyne of the USA
  3. Vortex Tubes in the innovation Process:   I. A. Azarov of Russia
  4. An Artificial Tornado:   A. I. Azarov of Russia
  5. Vortex Fuel-less Power Engineering:   A. V. Frolov of Russia
  6. The Gravity-inertial Engine:   A. Chernogorov of the Ukraine
  7. The Diagravitic Effect:   W. S. Alek of the USA
  8. The Kure Tekko Motor
  9. The Historical Lessons on the Law of Energy Degradation:   Yu. I. Volodko of Russia
10 Needle Electrodes:   A.V. Frolov of Russia
11 Mini Heat Power Plants:   Yu.S. Potapov and I.G. Kalachev of Russia
12 The Law of the Electric Circuit:   M. Kanarev of Russia
13 Welcome Financing:   M. Kanarev of Russia
14 A Permanent Magnet Motor:   S. Kundel of the USA
15 Thomas Bearden's Principle
16 The Influence of Aether Density on the Rate of Existence of Matter:   A.V. Frolov of Russia
17 Vortex Heat Generators produced by the AKOIL company
18 Honda's More Powerful Fuel Cell Concept with Home Hydrogen Refueling
19 Autothermia:   E.I. Andreyev of Russia

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