A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices eBook Download

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ePub format files in English:
Chapter 1 Magnet Power
Chapter 2 Moving Pulsed Systems
Chapter 3 Motionless Pulsed Systems
Chapter 4 Gravity-Powered Systems
Chapter 5 Energy-Tapping Pulsed Systems

Chapter 6 Battery-Charging Pulsed Systems

Chapter 7 Aerial Systems and Electrostatic Generators
Chapter 8 Fuel-less Motors
Chapter 9 Passive Systems
Chapter 10 Vehicle Systems
Chapter 11 Other Devices and Theories
Chapter 12 Electronics Tutorial
Chapter 13 Doubtful Devices
Chapter 14 Renewable Energy Devices
Chapter 15 The Present Situation
Chapter 16 Questions and Answers
Chapter 17 Building a COP=3.3 Generator
Chapter 18 Avoiding the Lenz Law
Chapter 19 Building a Motor powered Generator
Chapter 20 Building a Gravity-powered Generator
Chapter 21 Building a 40-watt Self-powered Generator
Chapter 22 Health Issues and Remedies
Chapter 23 Reversing Genetic Modification (GM)
Chapter 24 Dealing with Chemtrails
Chapter 25 The Mandela Effect
Chapter 25 The Sabourin Generator
Appendix Various Patents and Scientific Papers