Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

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Alphabetical Index of People
Adams, Robert Chapter 2.
Adams, Robert Appendix
Aguero, Juan Appendix
Alexander, Robert Appendix
Al-Hossary, Amr Chapter 4.
Al-Mayhia, Abdulsalam Chapter 4.
Ainslie, Rosemary Chapter 5.
An, Jon Sok Appendix
Andrews, Roger Chapter 6.
Andruczyk, David Chapter 10.
Annis, Theodore Chapter 3.
Ascanius, Jes Chapter 6.
Aspden, Harold Chapter 2.
Aspden, Harold Chapter 5.
Aspden, Harold Chapter 11.
Aspden, Harold Appendix
Barbat, William Appendix
Bartmann, Dan Chapter 14.
Baumann, Paul Chapter 13.
Bearden, Tom Chapter 3.
Bearden, Tom Appendix
Bedini, John Chapter 1.
Bedini, John Chapter 4.
Bedini, John Chapter 5.
Bedini, John Chapter 6.
Bedini, John Appendix
Bedini, John Appendix
Bedini, John Appendix
Bellocq, Toribio Chapter 14.
Bentley, Arthur Chapter 14.
Bitsadze, Jacob Chapter 4.
Blue, Archie Chapter 10.
Blue, Archie Appendix
Boyce, Bob Chapter 5.
Boyce, Bob Chapter 10.
Brady, Mike Chapter 1
Brinkley, William Chapter 13.
Britt, Robert Chapter 8.
Brock, James Chapter 9.
Brody, Philip Appendix
Brown, Les Chapter 9
Bundock, Jim Chapter 14.
Byzehr, Joseph Chapter 4.
Caggiano, Allen Chapter 10.
Cahill, Arthus Chapter 8
Campbell, Chas Chapter 4.
Cater, Joseph Chapter 5
Cater, Joseph Chapter 9
Chambers, Stephen Appendix
Chang, Chak Appendix
Clem, Richard Chapter 8.
Coe, Graham Chapter 9.
Cole, Marvin Chapter 5
Cole, Ron Chapter 6
Coler, Hans Chapter 3.
Coler, Hans Chapter 9.
Colman, Harold Chapter 3.
Colman, Harold Appendix
Cook, Daniel Chapter 11.
Cook, Nick Chapter 5.
Cornish, Francois Chapter 13.
Correa, Paulo and Alexandra Chapter 11.
Correa, Paulo and Alexandra Appendix
Cotterell, Maurice Chapter 11.
Courneya, Calice Chapter 14.
Cramton, Dr Scott Chapter 10
Davey, Peter Chapter 14.
Davidson, Dan Appendix
Davson, Cryil Chapter 11
Dickinson, Richard Chapter 14.
Dmitriev, Mikhail chapter 4.
Drbal, Karel Chapter 9.
Eberly, Patrick Chapter 3
Eagle Research, Chapter 10.
Eccles, Christopher Appendix
Ecklin, John W. Chapter 1.
Einstein, Albert Chapter 14
Electrodyne Corporation Chapter 5.
Eskeli, Micahel Chapter 8.
Eskeli, Micahel Chapter 11.
Evert, Prof. Alfred Chapter 8
EVGRAY, Yahoo forum. Chapter 2.
Ewert, Ted Chapter 6
Ewert, Ted Chapter 10
Ewing, Harold. Chapter 1.
Ewing, Harold Appendix
Faraday, Michael Chapter 5.
Faraday, Michael Chapter 13.
Fecera, Frank Appendix
Figuera, Clemente Chapter 3.
Fink, Dan Chapter 14.
Flynn, Charles Chapter 1.
Flynn, Charles Chapter 3.
Flynn, Charles Appendix
Flynn, Charles Appendix
Garrett, Charles Appendix
'Gadgetmall', Chapter 5.
Giannopoulos, Nikanor Chapter 3.
Goldie, Charles Chapter 7.
Grandics Peter Chapter 9
Gray, Edwin Chapter 5.
Gray, Edwin Appendix
Gray, Edwin Appendix
Grimes, Elmer Chapter 14.
Gritskevitch, Dr Oleg Chapter 5
Gunderson, Graham Chapter 3.
Gunderson, Graham Appendix.
Hardy, James Chapter 2.
Hardy, James Chapter 4.
Hardy, James Chapter 8.
Hasebe, Shigeta Chapter 10.
Hasebe, Shigeta Appendix
Hatem, Raoul Chapter 2.
Hayasaka, Shigeaki
Hayes, James Chapter 3
Heath, Brian Chapter 6
Herbert, Frank Chapter 14.
Hohl, Diatmar Chapter 1.
Holdgate, Ed Chapter 10.
Holmes, William Chapter 14.
Holmes, William Appendix
Horvath, Stephen AppendixBR> Hubbard, Alfred Chapter 5.
Hyde, William Chapter 11
Hydrogen Garage Chapter 10.
Ighina, Pier Luigi Chapter 9.
Imhotep Chapter 6
Imhotep Chapter 6
Imris, Pavel Chapter 3.
Imris, Pavel Appendix
Ivanov, Valeri Chapter 3.
Jamison, Larry Appendix
Jines, John Chapter 1.
Johnson, Howard Chapter 1.
Johnson, Howard Appendix
Kalfaian, Meguer Chapter 3.
Kapanadze, Tariel Chapter 3.
Kapanadze, Tariel Chapter 5
Kawai, Teruo Chapter 2.
Kawai, Teruo Appendix
Kelly, D.A. Chapter 1
Kelly, D.A. Chapter 13
Kelly, D.A. Appendix
Kenny, James Chapter 3.
Kim, Sang Nam Chapter 14
King, Moray B. Chapter 7.
King, Moray B. Chapter 10.
Kljajic, Dragan chapter 7.
Knight, Ronald Chapter 6.
Kousoulides, David Chapter 2.
Kromrey, Raymond Chapter 2
Krupa, Robert Chapter 10.
Kundel, Stephen Chapter 1.
Kwok, James Chapter 8.
Lafonte, Butch Chapter 11.
Lawton, Dave Chapter 3.
Lawton, Dave Chapter 5.
Lawton, Dave Chapter 10.
Lawton, Dave Chapter 11.
Leben, Stephan W. Chapter 3
Le May, D. Chapter 7
Lindemann, Peter Chapter 2.
Lindemann, Peter Chapter 10.
Lisac, Bozidar
Lowrie, Peter Chapter 10
Luciano, Murilo Chapter 4.
Lyne, William Chapter 13.
Mace, Yves Chapter 3.
Martinez, Molina Appendix
Maynard, Roger Chapter 10.
Mazenauer, Hans Chapter 8
McFreey, William Chapter 3.
Mead, Claude Chapter 14.
Mead, Claude Appendix
Mead, Franklin Appendix
Meyer, Michael Chapter 3.
Meyer, Stanley Chapter 10.
Meyer, Stanley Appendix
Meyers, Roy Appendix
Milkovic, Veljko Chapter 4.
Molina-Martinez, Alberto Chapter 5.
Moller, Nikolas Chapter 13.
Moore, Dr. Terry Chapter 11.
Moray, Thomas Henry Chapter 5.
Moray, Thomas Henry Chapter 7.
Nachamkin, Jack Appendix
Naudin, Jean-Louis Chapter 13.
Neal, Bob Chapter 8.
Neal, Bob Appendix.
Nelson, Carl Appendix
Newberry, Ivor Appendix
Newman, Joseph Chapter 4.
Newman, Joseph Chapter 11.
Newman, Joseph Appendix
Nobel, Joe Chapter 9.
Ogle, Thomas Appendix
Ognyanov, Michael Appendix
Paine, Henry Appendix
Papp, Josef Chapter 8.
Papp, Josef Appendix.
Patrick, Stephen Chapter 3.
Patterson, Robert Chapter 10.
Phillips, Raymond Snr. Chapter 7
Plauston, Hermann Chapter 7.
Plauston, Hermann Appendix
Pogue, Charles Appendix
Potter, Art Chapter 2.
Prentice, Frank Chapter 5.
Pugh, Ron Chapter 6
Puharich, Henry Appendix
Rayburn, Lawrence Chapter 7
Reardon, John Appendix
Robertson, Scott Chapter 8.
Rogers, Leroy Chapter 8.
Rogers, Leroy Appendix.
Roney, James Chapter 1
Rothman Technologies, Chapter 13
Santilli, Ruggero Appendix
Schappeller, Karl Chapter 11
Schwartz, Harold Appendix
Scott, John Chapter 8
Searle, John R. R. Chapter 11.
Seddon-Gillespie, Ronald Chapter 3.
Seddon-Gillespie, Ronald Appendix
Shelton, Robert Appendix
'Silverhealtheu' Chapter 3.
Simpson, Dale Chapter 4.
Smith, Donald Lee Chapter 3
Smith, Donald Lee Chapter 5
Spence, Geoffrey Appendix
Spiros, Spiro Appendix
Steorn, Chapter 1
Stevens. Peter Chapter 9.
Sweet, Floyd Chapter 3.
Sweet, Floyd Chapter 5.
Sweet, Floyd Appendix.
Szilard, Leo Chapter 14
Teal, Ben Chapter 1.
Teal, Ben Chapter 4.
Tesla, Nikola Chapter 5.
Tesla, Nikola Chapter 7.
Tesla, Nikola Chapter 11.
TheGuru2You, Chapter 3
Torres, Hector Chapter 2.
Tracy, Robert Chapter 1.
Trawoeger, Thomas Chapter 9.
Tseung, Lawrence Chapter 4.
Tseung, Lawrence Chapter 5.
Tucker, Oliver Appendix
'UFOpolitics' Chapter 2.
'UFOpolitics' Chapter 3.
'UFOpolitics' Chapter 6.
Utkin, Vladimir Chapter 5
Valera, Cherepanov Chapter 5
Van Valkenburg, Eber Chapter 8.
Van Valkenburg, Eber Appendix.
Vassilatos, Gerry Chapter 5.
Volfson, Boris Appendix
Wang, Shenhe Chapter 1.
Watson, Jim Chapter 4.
Weir, Richard Appendix
West, Zach Chapter 10.
Willis, Richard Chapter 3.
Willis, Richard Appendix.
Wilson, Mr. Chapter 4.
Wiseman,. George Chapter 10.
Yildiz, Muammer Chapter 1.
Yildiz, Muammer Chapter 13.
Zbikowski, Jerzy Chapter 4.

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